What Information does a Bail Bond Agent Require?

In the interest of the speedy processing of bail and the quick release of a criminal defendant from jail, it is always a good idea to be armed with all the necessary information before you contact a bail bondsman. If this is your first time to deal with a bail bondsman, you may be wondering what type of information he will require from you. These would include:
• Proof of identity. As with any other legal, financial agreement, some form of proof of identification may be required from the applicant for bail, so you should have with you your identification documents, for instance, a driver’s license or a social security card.
• The information pertaining to the defendant. What is his name, where is he detained, and for what charges?
• The booking information. What is the defendant’s booking number?
• The amount of the bail. This is, of course, important. The amount of the bail will be the basis for the bail bondsman’s fee, which you will have to pay to secure their services as bail bondsmen, and for them to put up a security bond on behalf of the defendant.
Remember that applying with a bail bondsman does not always guarantee that they will accept your application. Based on all the information you provide, a bail bondsman will have to decide whether or not to accept your application. Some of the reasons why a bail bondsman may not accept your application can include:
– a high level of risk that a defendant will skip bail;
– the lack of financial capacity to pay the bail bondsman’s fee, as well as to provide security for the bail bond that they will be putting up with the court