The Bailing Process

When we mention the word “bail” the first thing that comes to our minds is freedom. Have you ever imagined yourself being trapped behind those terrible bars? Or at least, seeing your loved ones be in jail? That is one awful feeling. If you ever found yourself being in that kind of situation, you might resort or seek help from companies that offer bail bonds services near you. But the questions are, what do these bail bonds institutions do?

gavel and dollar sign

First, let us define the word “bail” at its most dictionary definition. Bail is the amount of money being deposited with the court to ensure that the accused person will show up on the days of their court trials and hearings, and face their charges. Bail can be posted by cash with the court; then the accused will be released from custody.

The bailing process is quite easy to understand, at least for the layperson’s level of understanding. The process usually begins at the detainment of the accused individual. The bail amount will then be set by the judge, which usually takes about 1-2 days after the arrest. When the bail is set, the accused person will then be allowed to post bail on their own, but that is a very rare case. Commonly, the judge requires the accused to get in contact with a bail bondsman to post bail for them.

The bail bonds company will be required to post and settle the whole amount of the accused’s set bail. In return, there will be a few added charges such as small fees, and sometimes collateral. By then, the accused will be sent home and prepare for their trials and hearings in the coming days.