Can I Pay Bail through A Credit Card?

The simple answer is yes; one can pay their bail using a credit card.
Jailers and law enforcement authority are increasing the options available to criminal defendants for posting their bail. Even if they do not have ready cash to pay for their bail, they can do so using their credit. In fact, a growing number of detention facilities are also offering Internet-based payment services that would allow a person to pay bail online. Of course, the ultimate cost can be quite expensive when you factor in the fees, which can be charged by the courts as well as the processing company, and getting the applicable rewards points may be scant comfort.
This is, however, still a developing trend, and not all counties or municipal jails accept credit cards. Most still only accept cash payments, and have no provision for accepting card-based payments.
Also, not all cards can be used to post bail. Some of the leading credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa can be used to pay bail, as well as to pay the fees to a bail bondsman. American Express, however, can only be used to pay the bail bondsman’s fee.
If you are looking at paying bail through a credit card as an option, you may want to think twice about it, however. Bail is usually not cheap, and neither will the fees and interest, which are usually set at 3 percent. Also, non-payments or delays can be costly in terms of fees, as well as the damage it can do to your credit.
Bottom line, think carefully before using a credit card. It may be the easier option, but the repercussions can be financially significant. For many people, using the services of a bail bondsman may still be the better option.