Can I Get a Discount on the Bail Bond Fees?

The rate of bail bond fees or premiums is typically determined by state law. The usual statutory percentage is set at 10 percent, but this can be different depending on what state you are in. Some states provide for bail bond fees that are set as low as 8 percent; some set it as high as 15 percent. There are also some states that provide for variable or tiered percentages based on bail amounts, with minimum and maximum limits set for the allowable bail bond fees.
The bottom line is that where commercial bail is allowed, the industry is often regulated by the state. Apart from licensing requirements, bail bondsmen are also required to adhere to statutory limits on the amount of fees or premiums that they can charge. If this is set at a specific amount or percentage, then bail bondsmen operating or doing business within the state are expected to adhere to these provisions. This means that they cannot set a different amount of bail bond fee or premium, whether higher or lower. Discounts, therefore, may not be allowed by law.
Legal authorities will usually caution you against a bail bondsman offering discounted bail bond fees precisely because this is usually not allowed by law. When you come across this type of offer, be warned that you may not be dealing with a licensed bail bondsman or one who is operating legally. Even if a bail bondsman is duly licensed, however, if they offer a discount on their fees to one that is less than that allowed by state law and regulations, the said bail bondsman may eventually lose their license for doing so.