Your Trusted Bail Bond Company Serving the Remington Community is known to its dependable and highly private bail bond services offered across San Diego and Bakersfield. We deal with crimes of any nature, any jail, any time of the day with our service packages that fit your budget.

For the past years, had been entitled to giving bail bond services that are instantaneous and hassle-free. We are entrusted and known to our quick response to the needs of our valued clients. Bail Bonds Santa Ana California can provide an affordable bail bond service.

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Our Heritage

During the early 2000s, served as a virtual homage to the community of Remington, Virginia. The online platform showcased the Remington Community Partnership (RCP) which was formed and established back on January 30, 2001. RCP has always had objectives and aims that prioritized community improvements and advocating peace and order. Some of the organizational objectives that RCP had are the following:

  • Involve citizens of the community in the promotion and enhancement of Main Street and its environs.
  • Aid in the preservation of local history and architecture.
  • Provide educational programs on Remington’s history.

The Remington Community Partnership is an official affiliate of the Main Street Virginia program. The core purpose of the organization was never to profit or obtain financial gain, but to restore the historical and cultural charisma of Remington, Virginia by several notable activities. It included the “Walk Tour of Remington,” a brochure or an informational walk-through that aimed to deliver information to the public about the community’s rich history. However, the Partnership member volunteers conducted actual roaming tours throughout the city, which happened on a regular basis.

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Bail Bonds: Then and Now

In the United States of America, the first ever bail bonds services were founded back in 1898. Back in the day, accused citizens were freed and released from jails by having an agent or an institution to pay the indemnities through personal and private properties, examples were in the form of a sheep.

During the present days, bond agents commonly have an arrangement or a contract with an insurance company, a local bank or any non-bank lenders and credit providers to come on such security, even during times when the bank is closed or not operating, examples are nationwide holidays. This avoids and diminishes the need for the bond dealer to deposit cash or turn over a property with the court whenever a defendant is bailed out of jail. Now, the laws on bail bonds and such are still temperamental and inconsistent across the United States.

Who We Are

The team behind is composed of legal professionals, customer service representatives, and most importantly, our bail bondsmen. Bail bondsmen, commonly addressed as bail bond agents, are responsible for assisting and processing the requests that we receive daily. We receive a large volume of calls and e-mails every day, but it is our priority to make sure that every message and call is getting a response.

One of our many goals is to establish a professional business bond and serve our clients with our competitive offers and packages that are tailored to their particular legal needs. We value time; that is why we made it easy for our customers to obtain a bail bond at all times. It will only take a couple of minutes, thirty minutes at most. Initially, we would only need a couple of vital information about the clients, such as how the potential customer is related to the accused person in jail, the time period and duration of their total stay in their place or state, what their current job is and how long have they worked and stayed in the company so far. Those pieces of information are required for us to assess the capability of the prospect client to avail and pay our offered services and assistance. Bailing people out is that easy for us. Remember that our bail bonds Fullerton agents guarantee the court that the person will do an appearance at the trial court to face his or her charge.


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Admit it; people look for all things easy and hassle-free! We at are dedicated to the convenience of our clients; that is why from availing of our services to settling their payments, we made sure that it will not cause them any hassle at all times. Several payment methods are available for them like major credit and debit cards, cheques, and manual bank deposits, whichever is convenient and easy for them. All that it takes is a phone call or an email to our Customer Service Team, and the payment method or agreement is all set. No further questions asked.